International Assignment Allowances

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International Assignment Allowances for Individual Assignees

When sending an employee on an international assignment, having access to accurate international assignment allowances allows you to craft the right compensation package. AIRINC offers a full suite of allowances to help you successfully compensate an employee on an international assignment.

Your Allowance Reports

Each international assignment allowance report contains information for an employee based on their salary and family size. Available allowances are:

  • Cost of Living Allowances (COLA)
  • Rent and Utilities Allowances
  • Housing Norms (employee’s housing contribution amount)
  • Transportation Allowances
  • Hypothetical Tax Calculations
  • Hardship Premiums

Your Allowance Options

The following allowances can be configured to your desired level of subsidy. Examples of at-the-ready configurations are:

  • COLA – ability to include or exclude automobile operating costs, as well as choose your desired level of COLA support from high to low with three levels to choose from: Expatriate (EXP, High), Mobility (MBL, Medium) and Agility (AGL, Low)
  • Housing – ability to choose your desired level of housing support from high to low, with three levels to choose from: Expatriate (EXP, High), Mobility (MBL, Medium) and Agility (AGL, Low), based on your employee’s job level
  • Transportation Allowances – ability to choose from one of five car types (Compact, Moderate, Premium, Luxury sedan, and SUV), as well as the ability to choose to include/exclude either the automobile operating costs and/or purchase/finance costs from your employee’s automobile allowance

Requesting Reports

With the simple inputs of the employee’s salary, home country, host city and family size, AIRINC can return the assignment allowances you need. We can also provide you access to AIRINC’s online tool, the “International Assignment Calculator”, where you can create/edit and save the compensation reports yourself.

The International Assignment Calculator:


  • The allowances you need aggregated in one place – COLA, Housing, Tax, Hardship, and more, with a variety of pre-configured options available immediately!
    • Choose the appropriate allowance level—to align assignment purpose such as developmental/early career to executive, or you can define your own
    • Apply caps to your allowances
    • Create company-specific reports that can be quickly distributed to the business or employees
  • Fast, low-cost technology implementation – days not months!
  • Ability to create “what-if” scenarios


  •  Improve productivity, save time, and minimize errors
    • Easily explain cost of living allowance changes to employees with COLA Change Reports
    • Eliminate days spent updating Excel spreadsheets and data
    • increase accuracy and processing times with integrated tax and gross-up calculations
  • Easy access to current and past mobility data, allowances, and compensation statements,
  • Works with home, host or hybrid compensation approaches

Whether you have a new mobility program with a small number of assignees, or a large established program with thousands of assignees, the International Assignment Calculator is a flexible on-demand technology platform that efficiently provides access to Your Allowances, Your Way!

Purchase Options

One-time Report: Provides your desired allowances for one employee/assignment

Location Route Subscription: Ability to create an unlimited number of compensation reports for each purchased route (home to host city). Ability to create reports for multiple assignees and includes quarterly allowance updates for one year.

View a video demonstration of the International Assignment Calculator:

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