Better Talent Mobility Decisions.

You have an open role and you need a mobile talent option to fill it. AIMS helps you select the best option for your company and your employee.

For any opportunity, the best talent mobility option depends on a myriad of factors such as talent need, income tax, salary levels, immigration, and available policy options. AIRINC has built AIMS, a digital advice platform, that leverages these factors to provide a fast recommendation based on your company’s mobile talent approaches.

When considering a new mobile talent need, AIMS helps you learn about your available program options and navigates toward a recommended approach. Self-directed and tailored to your program, AIMS empowers you with data and information, encouraging better mobile talent decisions and saving you time.  AIMS leverages two powerful AIRINC engines – the Assignment Cost Estimator and economic similarities (Affinity Matrix). These can provide real-time information on the cost of your policy options and the potential attractiveness of options to the employee.