Better Talent Mobility Decisions.

You have an open role and you need a mobile talent option to fill it. AIMS helps you select the best option for your company and your employee.

For any opportunity, the best talent mobility option depends on a myriad of factors such as talent need, income tax, salary levels, immigration, and available policy options. AIRINC has built AIMS, a digital advice platform, that leverages these factors to provide a fast recommendation based on your company’s mobile talent approaches.

When considering a new mobile talent need, AIMS helps you learn about your available program options and navigates toward a recommended approach. Self-directed and tailored to your program, AIMS empowers you with data and information, encouraging better mobile talent decisions and saving you time.  AIMS leverages two powerful AIRINC engines – the Assignment Cost Estimator and economic similarities (Affinity Matrix). These can provide real-time information on the cost of your policy options and the potential attractiveness of options to the employee.

Why AIMS? With AIMS you can…

  • Improve the way you advise your internal clients on policy selection
  • Use information to help select a home, host, or other ideal scheme
  • Streamline Mobility’s communication efforts
  • Select the right approach to meet talent objectives
  • Understand the cost of policy options
  • Increase organizational talent-planning awareness
  • Promote a consistent decision-making platform
  • Cultivate a better employee experience
  • Reduce failed deployments and associated costs

AIMS Considers:

How does AIMS work?

Built for direct use by your Business, HR, and Talent partners, the intuitive guide uses a point-and-click survey interface to collect information as it guides users through a series of decisions. The application can be connected to AIRINC income tax, cost projection, and other engines, leveraging deep analytical capability. The user receives a recommendation outlining the ideal Mobility approach and instructions on next steps. Mobility gains visibility into the business case for each move through user input tracking.

How is AIMS tailored to me?
AIMS is a fully configurable cloud-based application. We consult with you to design the decision flow aimed at your desired mobile talent outcome. Configuration is easy – we assign an implementation team to guide you along the way.

Some configuration factors include:

Talent Pipeline and Career Paths (Domestic and International)

Retirement benefit continuity

Global salary structures and their impact on employees moving internationally

Tax Impacts and Immigration Considerations

Cost of living differences

Video demonstration

Smarter Insights. Better Outcomes!

Your talent is your greatest resource. Providing data-driven decisions makes Mobility an active participant in your organization’s talent planning strategy.

Global mobility functions that advise the business on the right mobile talent option add value and promote ROI within their organizations. Data-driven insights combined with consistent and fast advice enhance this performance even further. AIMS can help you get there.

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