Lump Sum Calculator

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Lump Sums

Lump sum benefit offerings have become popular across the spectrum of assignment types: long-term, short-term, permanent and domestic, and are seen as a way to increase flexibility to the employee and business, and reduce administration. Some of the uses include, but are not limited to:

  • House-hunting trips (home finding)
  • Final move / relocation travel
  • Temporary living
  • Flexible budgets for employees

Regardless of the use, lump sums minimize the time spent managing and reimbursing expenses while providing maximum flexibility to employees.

Leverage AIRINC’s industry-leading data sets to create a custom Lump Sum Calculator to fit your organization’s policies and objectives.

The Lump Sum Calculator helps you:

  • Find data for domestic and international calculations – airfare, meals, transportation, accommodation, and shipping
  • Provide additional flexibility to employees through well-defined cash allowances
  • Reduce administrative burden of researching and calculating allowances
  • Ensure consistency across your organization
  • Access lumps sums online or via our web service

Create Lump Sum Payments Specific to Your Program

  • Create lump sum policies that align with your policies and practices
  • Suite of data – use AIRINC’s readily available data and assumptions or configure assumptions and data
  • Access your lump sums online or via web service

What does the Lump Sum Calculator look like?

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