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Quarter 2, 2022 Data Points
Data Points

A Selection of AIRINC Research Results including housing, goods & services and tax updates.

This quarter’s cost of living research was conducted primarily in North, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, and maritime Southeast Asia-Pacific.

AIRINC Mobility Outlook Survey 2023

2023 Mobility Outlook Survey

Since the pandemic, Mobility has quickly modernized and become a different function. Our 2023 Mobility Outlook Survey details predictions for the upcoming year and how leaders are planning to best leverage the opportunities presented. Download the full report to discover more.

ESG In Global Mobility 10 Top Tips
White Paper

ESG in Global Mobility - Ten Top Tips

See examples of how leading companies are making tangible steps to develop strategies for all three ESG pillars (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in their Global Mobility programs.

AIRINC Why Should I Care About APIs?
White Paper

Why Should I Care About APIs?

The term, API, often gets raised when talking about making Global Mobility’s work easier and faster. Why is it important and how can it help Global Mobility teams to be more productive? Let’s start with the basics.

AIRINC and NETExpat Joint White Paper Talent Remobilization Survey Results 2021-2022
White Paper

Talent Remobilization Survey Results

As many parts of the world steadily emerge from the pandemic, organizations are beginning to see cross-border mobility ramp up.

The Key Things You Need to Know About Inflation Featured Image
White Paper

The Top Five Things You Need to Know About Inflation and Your Global Mobility Program

With inflation continuing to be a global issue, let’s review some key areas that inflation can impact your global mobility program and ways to address them!

AIRINC Sustainability & Global Mobility Benchmark Survey

Sustainability & Global Mobility

Sustainability initiatives continue to become more integrated in corporate strategy and impact all areas of the business including Global Mobility. More than 90% of companies have established a definition of sustainability.

AIRINC Assignment Cost Estimates

Assignment Cost Estimator

A fast and accurate estimate of costs is critical when the business is planning for or approving an assignment or transfer. The Assignment Cost Estimator (ACE) is an online cost estimating tool which allows you to run estimates instantly.

AIRINC 2022 Remote Work Playbook
White Paper

2022 Remote Work Playbook

In our first version of this playbook published in 2020, it was not clear if the rise of remote working would continue or only be a temporary pandemic phenomenon. It is now clear that remote work is here to stay.

A wavy blue dotted line with a paper airplane at the end


Learn how to calculate fair and equitable allowances for any assignment using our insightful allowance tools.

AIRINC COLA Market Basket Paper

AIRINC and NETExpat Joint White Paper Talent Remobilization Survey Results 2021-2022

Talent Remobilization Survey Results

AIRINC Sustainability & Global Mobility Benchmark Survey

Survey: Sustainability & Global Mobility

AIRINC-Data-Points-Resources-Immigration Support for US Based Talent-Cover-Image

Immigration Support for U.S. Based Talent

AIRINC Mobility Outlook Survey 2022

2022 Mobility Outlook Survey

AIRINC Pulse Survey Compensation Trends

Pulse Survey: Compensation Trends

AIRINC Pulse Survey Local Plus in APAC

Pulse Survey: Local Plus in APAC

AIRINC Sustainability and Global Mobility Pulse Survey

Pulse Survey: Sustainability and Global Mobility

AIRINC Pulse Survey Geographic Differentials In The U.S.

Pulse Survey: Geographic Differentials in the US

Achieve Your Mobility Goals

Delivering value begins with understanding. Select the objective below that best aligns with your goals to discover AIRINC solutions that help you achieve them.

Global Mobility Manager Pearson Plc.

Delecia Coombs

“We really appreciate the prompt attention you always provide us. Whilst we are a relatively small client to AIRINC, we always feel valued thanks to your proactive approach. Thank you!”

Manager International Assignments Delivery Philip Morris International Inc.


“For more than 20 years, AIRINC has been a key partner in the design, implementation, and execution of our international mobility portfolio; we have had the opportunity to work closely together through many initiatives. Their deep knowledge of the current market practices and future trends, coupled with their flexibility and high customer focus, are second to none. They are true professionals and AIRINC is a trusted partner for our organization. ”

Global Mobility Strategy Manager Repsol


“As a client since 2016, we really appreciate AIRINC’s expertise; they respond quickly and support our daily requests. In addition to our data partnership, AIRINC also provided outstanding assistance on benchmarking and assessing alternative assignment approaches when we recently reviewed our policies. ”

SVP Global Head of Reward Unilever


“Because it’s a pioneering tool, we get the opportunity to make what we do as professionals of reward more effective.”

Upcoming Webinars

Upcoming Webinars

May 25: Place Your Bets

Operate, Enable, Advise and Plan; These are the four main focuses of any global mobility program.  Using real life case studies and thought experiments, learn where leading companies have focused their investments to get the most bang for their buck....
Recorded Webinars

Global Tax Chat #2

Tax is a crucial piece of any international assignment. AIRINC’s in-house tax experts Pat Jurgens, Jeremy Piccoli, and special guest panelist, Gary Chandler of Vialto are in conversation with our own Rob Zeitz, discussing social security in the...
View Recording
Recorded Webinars

2023: Addressing Interest Rates in U.S. Domestic Relocations

Increasing US interest rates are making domestic relocations more expensive. What can you do to address rising rates in your US domestic program? Join us as we talk to industry expert, Stacy Miller-Churay, from Rocket Mortgage. April 2023
View Recording

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