Housing Allowances

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Housing is Key

Housing can be one of the most emotional aspects of an assignment, securing a safe and comfortable rental is often top of mind for your employees and their families. On the other hand, housing costs can be one of the most expensive elements of an assignment. Getting a housing budget right helps manage your company’s overall costs while reducing exceptions and improving the employee experience.

AIRINC provides ‘at-the-ready’ housing budgets by job level and family size. We do the research for you saving time and giving you the confidence that your support is up to date and competitive. Budgets are based on our continuous surveys and benchmarks of typical allowances across the income and family size spectrum. Our dedicated experts support your budgets, providing you advice and information for your locations.

Your Housing Options

Housing budgets can be used to support a variety of assignment types and talent investment profiles. You have the option to configure the housing allowances based on a variety of parameters so that they align to your mobility programs. You can choose:

  • Your subsidy level from high to low – Expatriate, mobility, agility
  • Job level and family configurations – AIRINC standard, company specific job levels, or your preferred family size grouping
  • Your update schedule – Annual or semi-annual

Your Housing Support

In addition to receiving the housing allowances, you are supported by dedicated housing experts. We can help you explain allowances, address exception requests and learn more about prevailing housing market conditions. You can also choose to receive detailed information about housing in your locations via our International Housing Guide (IHG).

How You Access Housing Budgets

We make it easy for you to access and receive housing budgets according to your needs. You can order budgets instantly on-line as needed or subscribe to a set of data on an annual basis. You can receive Housing Budget tables (offering a range of Housing budgets at multiple job levels and family sizes) or individual calculations (one Housing budget at a specific job level and family size). You can recieve housing tables via:

How We Calculate Housing Budgets

No one housing market is the same. In some cities, apartments are the only option, in others a mix of apartments and free-standing houses are available. Layer on the circumstances of expatriates and safety, location of international schools, and proximity to international communities add to the factors that need to be considered. That is why AIRINC takes a multi-dimensional approach to determining housing budgets. Rather than relying only on bedroom counts we take into consideration a variety of expatriate housing options:

  • Expatriate residential areas (central and suburban locations)
  • Property types (apartment, house, townhouse)
  • Rental costs (from moderate to premium rental values)
  • Quality (from standard to premium)

To determine the recommended housing budgets, AIRINC’s professionally trained, in-house research staff:

  • Interviews local realtors and relocation companies
  • Considers the variety of expatriate housing options
  • Benchmarks typical budgets across a spectrum of job levels and family sizes
  • Aggregates findings into housing recommendations by job level and family size for each location

You receive a housing budget that is based on a globally consistent method, taking into consideration location specific needs.

Your Housing Partner

AIRINC’s thoughtful approach to housing reduces the time to set budgets and reduces exceptions. When you choose AIRINC as your housing provider, you get more than just the data, you gain access to a dedicated team of experts to help support your program, your way.

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