International Housing Guide

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Set Rational Housing Budgets

How can AIRINC’s International Housing Guide help you?

AIRINC’s International Housing Guide gives you online access to housing and utilities budgets tailored to meet your needs. The International Housing Guide illustrates specific housing options available at different budget levels and provides comprehensive housing market information, including rental costs by housing type and location as well as details on leases, furnishings, utilities, and expatriate residential areas.

The International Housing Guide can be used in tandem with the Housing Assessment Tool, designed to help you review your current program, identify where budgets and actual expenditures may be out of alignment, and pursue a more effective program.

Why should you choose the International Housing Guide?

The International Housing Guide:

  • Combines client-specific housing guidelines with general market data to help you produce rational and equitable housing budgets
  • Provides housing standards in line with your organization’s expectations, setting housing guidelines based on job level and family size and showing the types of housing that are typically available for a specific rental budget
  • Presents housing market tradeoffs between cost, residential size, neighborhood, and quality of housing
  • Empowers you to validate feedback from expatriates and destination service providers regarding housing costs at assignment locations
  • Delivers reliable utilities budgets, calculated using detailed methodologies that reflect both seasonal variations and usage assumptions based on input collected from global assignees in our Pattern-of-Living Questionnaire
  • Identifies time-to-time changes by storing archived housing recommendations

What does the International Housing Guide look like?

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