Geographic Differential Index

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Assess Geographic Pay Differences

When adapting or maintaining regional salary structures, access to cost of living data can help you determine geographic cost differences within your salary structures. Cost of living data is increasingly being used to assess where costs differ, helping to inform decisions on differentiating midpoints across multiple salary structures. With this growing  need, AIRINC provides our Geographic Differential Index (GDI)  to replace or supplement your market data in this assessment.

The GDI provides you with a thorough, researched, and  comprehensive database of cost of living indexes by city on a global basis. You can use the GDI to deliver a more streamlined review of your geographically differentiated salary structures, slot cities into an existing structure where market data is scarce or even non-existent, and plan for remote  workforce needs.

The GDI includes considerations for:

  • Goods and Services
  • Housing
  • Income Tax
Calculations are quick, simple and transparent!

Sample of Geographic Differential Index

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