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Benchmark Surveys

Sustainability & Global Mobility

Sustainability initiatives continue to become more integrated in corporate strategy and impact all areas of the business including Global Mobility. More than 90% of companies...
Upcoming Webinars

Sept 29: 2022 Long-Term Assignment Benchmark - comparison of global and European results

Join our webinar comparing the global results from AIRINC’s recent Long-Term Assignment Benchmark Survey against a cut of the European participating companies.
Upcoming Webinars

Sept 28: 2022 Long-Term Assignment Benchmark - comparison of global and U.S. results

Join our webinar comparing the global results from AIRINC’s recent Long-Term Assignment Benchmark Survey against a cut of the U.S. participating companies.
Benchmark Surveys

Immigration Support for U.S. Based Talent

Companies are using various tools to be considered an employer of choice in today’s competitive labor market. Organizations are clamoring to get the right talent...
Upcoming Webinars

Sept 20 & 28: Back to Basics: Inflation and the COLA

Join us for an interactive session where we will discuss: – Back to basics: the interplay between inflation, exchange rates, and the COLA – How...
Recorded Webinars

Webinar: Making Good Mobility Decisions with HPE

View our webinar with Kerwin Guillermo, the Global Head of Mobility for HPE, where he shared his insights, perspectives and practical advice on making good...
Recorded Webinars

Webinar: 2022 Long-Term Assignment Benchmark - comparison of global and APAC results

Watch the recording of this session comparing the global results from AIRINC’s recent Long-Term Assignment Benchmark Survey against a cut of the APAC participating companies.
Recorded Webinars

Webinar: Addressing Inflation, Remote Work and Global Pay Equity in Compensation Levels

Compensation professionals are facing unprecedented challenges driven by talent shortages, remote work, and record inflation. Responding to these challenges requires new strategies and new sources...
Benchmark Surveys

Compensation Pulse Survey

Compensation approaches are becoming more dynamic than ever given the expansion of remote work, emergence of global roles, talent shortages, and more. This complexity is...
Recorded Webinars

Deminar: Salary Evaluation Tool

Listen again to our 30-minute deminar and learn how AIRINC’s Salary Evaluation Tool can help you compare salaries across locations and assess the impact of...
Recorded Webinars

Deminar: Assignment Cost Estimator with new One-Way Transfer functionality

Listen again to our 30-minute deminar to see how AIRINC can automate your domestic and international One-Way Transfer cost estimates. Focusing on NEW One-Way Transfer...
Solution Overview

Assignment Cost Estimator

A fast and accurate estimate of costs is critical when the business is planning for or approving an assignment or transfer. AIRINC offers the Assignment...
White Papers & Articles

Developmental Assignments & the Importance of Knowing Your Audience

Many mechanics of a developmental assignment are like that of a traditional expat assignment. Tax equalization, immigration support, and a COLA are commonly provided for...
Recorded Webinars

Webinar: The Evolution of the Mobility Function

The role of the Global Mobility function has undergone a seismic change over the last two years and the scope of activities our teams are...
White Papers & Articles

Mobility Optimization Paper

In this period of transition and reinvention, many companies are reorganizing their Mobility functions to address changes to their business or talent environments. We recently...
Recorded Webinars

Webinar: Leveraging “Permanent Moves” to Attract and Retain Talent

This interactive session highlighted trends and explore a series of one-way transfer case studies to illustrate when and how they can be strategically leveraged to...

Live Benchmarking Event: Ukraine Crisis, Fast Answers to Global Mobility Challenges

Are you looking for information on what other companies are doing to support displaced and affected employees in/from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus? We’re running a live...
White Papers & Articles

2022 Remote Work Playbook

In our first version of this playbook published in 2020, it was not clear if the rise of remote working would continue or only be...
Recorded Webinars

Webinar: Focus on the Middle East

The Middle East is an important region for clients across the globe and has a large and diverse population of expatriates. Watch the recording as...
Benchmark Surveys

2022 Mobility Outlook Survey

Global Mobility has emerged from the pandemic as a remarkably different function. After a second year managing travel restrictions, heightened immigration complexity, and remote work...
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