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Benchmark Surveys

2019 Mobility Outlook Survey

Mobility is increasingly focused on delivering value to customers. To achieve this, many are leveraging technology and vendor partnerships to […]

Transportation Report: Oslo, Norway

This report is updated yearly in February. Transportation systems vary widely across locations. Do you know what to provide for […]
White Papers & Articles

Effective Employee Relocation Planning for Brexit and Beyond

Brexit makes 2019 an interesting year for the UK as negotiations finally conclude. While most companies have contingency plans, find out what additional steps can companies take.

Expat Tax Summary: Colombia

This report is updated yearly in August This Expat Tax Summary for Colombia contains comprehensive information about the taxation of […]
Benchmark Surveys

Lump Sums

This report explores how companies are determining and delivering lump sums, and the pros and cons with this approach.

Part 5: Managing Your Program Over Time

Control program costs while meeting assignee needs via well-designed policies that address economic changes over time.

Part 4: Host-Based Solutions and an Introduction to Global Compensation

Host-based compensation approaches for cross-border assignments and transfers tend to be most effective when specific conditions exist. The key to […]

Part 3: Structuring the Balance Sheet for Long-Term Assignments

Discussing the home-based balance sheet as the primary approach used for long-term international assignments.

Part 2: Compensation Basics for Globally Mobile Employees

Understanding how and when to use different compensation approaches is key to achieving global mobility goals.

Part 1: 2018 Mobility Outlook Survey

A review of the 2018 Mobility Outlook Survey results.
Benchmark Surveys

Future of Entry-Level Mobility

Benivo and AIRINC set out to explore how global employers are adapting to an expanding total pool of employees moving for work and a demographic shift towards a higher percentage of early career individuals.

Evolving Your Mobility Program to Address Recent U.S. Tax Changes

Access this webinar recording now to learn about evolving your mobility program to address recent U.S. tax changes.

How Will U.S. Tax Reform Impact your International and Domestic Mobility Programs?

Access the recording of our webinar from January 18 for an overview of the tax updates that specifically impact organizations […]
Benchmark Surveys

Mobility Outlook Survey – 2018

The report contains industry specific information and looks at employee experience; successful global mobility functions; ROI; policy suites that satisfy business needs and more
Benchmark Surveys

Mobility Outlook Survey - 2017

The 2017 Mobility Outlook Survey shares the performance, strategies, and challenges of 130 best practice global organizations. This year trends […]
Data Reports

Is your company’s Global Mobility Program ON THE MARK?

Is your Company's Global Mobility Program ON THE MARK? AIRINC’s 2015/2016 Long Term Policy Benchmark Survey results are based on data from AIRINC's latest Long Term Assignment Benchmark Survey.

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