Inflation Impact Analysis

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Insight & Action to Address Local Inflation

Understanding how inflation is impacting your employees’ pay is critical, especially since inflation’s impact on salary varies by multiple factors, from geography to where the individual falls on the income spectrum. AIRINC’s Inflation Impact Analysis provides you with the data you need to make an informed decision on adjusting salaries or providing a one-time inflation payment.

Use the following AIRINC data and in-house expertise to evaluate your salaries globally:

  • Inflation Data: Curated local CPI for over 200 countries
  • Income Distribution data: For each country, knowledge of how income is spent from low- to high-income earners
  • Advice: In-house expertise to help you
    • Diagnose your company’s unique situation
    • Analyse the relevant data
    • Recommend solutions

We can help you isolate the portion of income that employees spend on Goods & Services, housing, or utilities so you can provide the relevant support in response to inflation in those categories.

Inflation Impact Analysis Process

Your Inflation Impact Analysis Options

We research data for over 200 countries – you can do the end-analysis in-house or, if you would like a bit more guidance in interpreting the data, we provide a guided approach to help you understand how to use the data in your company’s particular context.

Assess the Impact of Inflation on Your Talent Today

Contact your AIRINC representative or email us at [email protected]. We will produce the right report for your needs and make it available for download through AIRINC’s online portal, AIRLinc.

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