AIRINC offers a full suite of mobility consulting services. We listen and partner with you to deliver lasting solutions that ensure you make good decisions for your organization.


Case Study:
Ensure Marketing Competitiveness

Looking to add value for their Mobility customers, a large North American consumer goods company asked AIRINC to evaluate their existing program. Considering their industry, location, and population profile, we conducted a Program Audit. We identified opportunities for market alignment including changing how some of their core/flex benefits were classified and we presented ideas for consolidating certain benefits to simplify administration.  The business valued Mobility’s efforts and partnership and the changes made led to cost and time efficiencies for the organization.

Case Study:
Reduce Cost

A large European conglomerate was interested in trimming 10% off their annual Mobility’s spend.  We partnered with the company to identify policy and process efficiencies that would enhance the employee experience.  By replacing administratively cumbersome and underutilized benefits with in-demand allowances, we were able to meet the company’s target savings and improve employee satisfaction.

Case Study:
Help Guide Policy Selection

The Mobility team at a North American Pharmaceutical company wanted to ensure employees were going on packages that matched the assignment or transfer purpose.  We partnered with them to develop an interactive decision guide for their intranet. In the clickable guide, users answer a series of questions ultimately arriving at a recommended approach. The result was more employees placed on the right packages and improved overall compliance.

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