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Recently Launched & Upcoming Studies:

  • 2021 Mobility Outlook Survey – results coming soon
  • 2021 Pulse Survey: Geographic Differentials in the U.S.  – results coming soon

  • Scorecards

    An affordable and fast way to understand your market position.

    Our in-house policy and practice database offers data cut by region/size/industry.

  • Custom

    Engage your peers to solve challenges that matter most to you.


Case Study:

A North American consumer goods company requested a custom benchmark to better understand how companies staff their Dubai operations. The goal of the survey was to understand workforce demographics in Dubai and the competitiveness of the Company’s current compensation approach.  We canvassed local and expatriate benefits to determine net compensation packages for comparison. With the information, the company modified its staffing and compensation approaches to align with their target position.

Case Study:

A Hong Kong-based conglomerate wanted to understand the market competitiveness of its primary assignment policy. They asked AIRINC to review the benefits and policy structure and provide feedback on the level of generosity and general market position.  We partnered with the company to identify peer companies and adjacent industries so we could narrow our comparison. We delivered a Policy Scorecard which provides benefit level evaluations of a policy leveraging AIRINC’s in-house database of benefit and practice information.  We were able to identify areas where the company was above and below market and instructed them on how to rebalance their policy to be market-aligned and better positioned to take advantage of cost-effective Mobility trends

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