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Are you relocating or assigning an employee domestically within a single country?

AIRINC provides the technology and data you need to assess costs, determine lump sums, and estimate domestic relocation costs. Regardless of your domestic move needs, AIRINC’s intuitive calculators and dedicated client service team of mobility compensation experts are here to ensure you have the tools and policies you need to effectively deploy your talent at the right cost.





Incentivize talent to move to higher-cost locations, explain cost differences quickly and easily, optimize your domestic relocation program costs, and achieve your talent objectives using our innovative Domestic COLA calculator:

  • Calculate a concise report that accounts for differences in home and host compensation, housing, goods and services and tax
  • Tailor the COLA to your specifications – set caps or maximum payments; fix minimum thresholds before payment is made; establish multi-year payout schedules and drawdowns

Simplify your program administration and deliver employee flexibility using accurate relocation cost data. With our lump sum solution, you receive:

  • Lump sum calculations configured to your company’s policies and relocation benefits
  • Instant online access to a robust database of move costs across thousands of locations
  • Customized budgets which can be used as a cash Lump Sum allowance or set as a Managed Cap or reimbursement maximum

Build your policies today using costs from key relocation benefits such as: Airfare, Accommodation/Temporary Living, Meals, Mileage reimbursement, Transportation, and Tax-gross up

We align with your program processes by providing free reruns (within a 14-day period) and flexible purchase options according to your need and buying preferences.

Relocating talent in the U.S. and Canada can create housing affordability challenges for your employees, especially when deploying talent to high-cost locations. AIRINC provides a number of solutions using our deep data research on housing markets worldwide to help organizations support relocating employees:

  • Home Purchase Differentials estimate the additional cost of buying in higher-cost markets
  • Mortgage Interest Differentials calculate the change in typical mortgage payments due to housing market and interest rates over time
  • Estimated House Values assess home purchase/sale costs and cash out values
  • Renter Payments such as rental differentials, lease cancellation payments, brokers fees, and more
  • Housing Allowances for temporary moves
  • Consulting to determine a unique solution to meet your needs!

When you want to ensure your domestic program is market competitive, or that it offers the flexibility your business requires, you can count on us for expert advice.

AIRINC’s Advisory Services team can share benchmarking, trends, and innovative solutions to help you design and implement your domestic program. Partner with us to:

  • Develop a domestic policy suite or a flexible work program
  • Analyze current costs and optimize future expense
  • Communicate with your customers through videos or a new website
  • Future-proof your program or add flexibility for the business or employees
  • Establish metrics to track program success
  • Brand and promote your program
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