Domestic Solutions

Are you relocating or assigning an employee within a single country?

Whether you are looking for domestic cost of living allowances (COLA), lump sum and managed cap allowances, or advice, AIRINC’s dedicated client service teams ensure that you have the tools and policies to effectively deploy your domestic talent.

Domestic COLA Calculations

Evaluate the impact of a move or align pay by location for remote workers through a concise side-by-side comparison of home and host compensation and domestic COLAs by considering differences in income tax, goods and services, and housing costs.

You can calculate cost of living differentials and leverage robust tax calculations that account for federal, state, and local tax differences to:

  • Incent talent to move to higher-cost locations where compensation does not scale with cost of living
  • Explain cost differences quickly and easily
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Lump Sum & Managed CAP Allowances

Simplify your program administration and deliver employee flexibility using location-specific data. With our lump sum solution, you receive:

  • Calculations configured to your company’s policies
  • Instant online access to a robust database
  • Subscriptions according to your specific need

To provide allowances for home finding, temporary living, or relocation costs configured to your company’s policies, you can select from multiple data options for key relocation benefits like:

Airfare, Accommodation, Meals, Tax-gross up calculation, Mileage reimbursement, and Transportation

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Home Purchase Differentials

Relocating talent in the U.S. can create affordability challenges for your employees, especially when deploying talent to high-cost locations.  AIRINC’s innovative new solution helps your employees when they need it most — up-front when they are looking to purchase a home.

AIRINC’s Home Purchase Differential calculates a lump sum payment to cover the additional cost of buying in higher-cost markets.  Based on the difference between house purchase prices in the destination vs. the origin, the differential provides an up-front payment that the employee can use to secure a larger down payment, allowing access to more affordable monthly mortgage payments.  You have the option to tailor the payment to your policies – tapering or setting a threshold for the payment.

We built this solution based on actual client needs and we specifically tailored it to deliver an up-front solution addressing high housing costs and down payment requirements. The Home Purchase Differential is different from a COLA, which may not always address the large hurdle of high-cost housing markets.

Home Purchase Differential reports can help you by:

  • Providing a “know before you go” comparison between housing markets to help educate employees before they accept their relocation
  • Estimating home sale/purchase costs which can be used in cost estimates or for creating lump sums
  • Determining if assistance is necessary and, if so, at what level
  • Calculating the required down payment assistance to help employees secure affordable long-term housing

By comparing home purchase costs between the origin and the destination, mobility professionals can help to facilitate a successful relocation.

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Advisory Services

When you want to ensure your domestic program is market competitive, or that it offers the flexibility your business requires, you can count on us for expert advice.

AIRINC’s Advisory Services team can share benchmarking, trends, and innovative solutions to help you design and implement your domestic program. Partner with us to:

  • Develop  a domestic policy suite or a flexible work program
  • Communicate with your customers through videos or a new website
  • Future-proof your program or add flexibility for the business or employees
  • Establish metrics to track program success
  • Brand and promote your program
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