Carefully curated data helps you make decisions about domestic relocation, international assignments, compensation adjustments, and more. AIRINC’s decision-making tools aggregate data and provide insights through technology. Many tools embed powerful international tax engines, to provide you with the full picture.

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Our tools are designed to help you:

Calculate instant cost projections — short-/long-term and home-/host-based, commuter, and permanent transfers, taking into account:

  • Income tax, hypothetical tax
  • Policy
  • Cost of living – housing, goods & services
  • Hardship where applicable
  • Airfare
  • Education

Understand the financial impact to the employee - providing a net-to-net comparison to determine the employee’s purchasing power in the new location.

Decision Making Tools

Moving people around the world involves making timely and challenging decisions. We help you:

  • Determine the cost of a potential assignment
  • Evaluate the impact of localizing an employee
  • Create a lump sum payment
  • Create a global budget for all your active and pending assignments

Reference Tools

Sometimes you have a specific question to answer or need to familiarize yourself with a location. We give you detailed market insights via reference tools, including:

  • Rental market conditions and characteristics
  • Typical utilities a renter would be responsible for
  • Detailed employee hypothetical tax calculations
  • Global view of the living conditions within the locations you have active assignments
  • Detailed summaries and assessments of living conditions


Human Resources and Global Mobility are being asked to take on more responsibilities with the same resources. We provide you meaningful insights, so your team can efficiently determine opportunities to cut costs and streamline your processes.

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