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Furnishing Your Mobile Employees’ Housing

Mobile employees need quality household goods and furnishings to feel comfortable in their new location.  It is vital to their wellbeing and drives successful assignments. But in today’s world, we’re facing logistical challenges, managing a host of different employee preferences, and doing our best to control costs.

Challenges with Furnishings

Shipment of household goods are facing logistical delays

Shipping is costly and delays can create unexpected expenses and stress for employees

Some mobile employees may not have furniture or want to bring it on assignment

Many unaccompanied assignees who leave their families behind cannot bring their furniture

Furnishing needs vary based on furnished or partially furnished housing markets

To manage this complexity, mobility professionals need local insight and tools that adapt to these situations. Traditionally, mobility programs have funded household goods shipments which require a lot of time, are often delayed, and can be quite costly. More recently, organizations are realizing there are alternatives to this shipment process.

Whether you’re renting or purchasing furnishings in the host location, these reports help you to:

  • Reduce administration for mobile moves
  • Deliver predictable costs to the business
  • Provide flexibility to mobile employees – they decide how to furnish their housing
  • Ensure consistency across locations and family sizes

Furnishing Rental Report

Help assignees rent furnishings for the duration of their move

Renting furnishings and housewares is a more sustainable approach that provides mobile employees with quality furniture and household furnishings for the duration of their stay. On average, rented furniture is reused up to three times before it is resold to the “used” marketplace, further extending its life. This greener rental approach not only helps the environment, but also provides assignees with flexible choice while dramatically reducing the time it takes to place employees in long-term housing, thus reducing temporary living costs. Furthermore, it helps programs to be agile as they deploy talent and can help to save costs depending on the length of assignment and other details.

Provide a more sustainable option

Circular economy – furniture is reused up to 3x before moving to the resale market

Reduce administrative effort

Avoid logistical challenges of shipping furniture

Control costs, predictable vs variable shipping costs

Tailor the application to the location and individual

AIRINC has partnered with CORT Global Network to collect and curate the cost for rental furniture across the globe. This data can be used for cost estimates or for employee benefits either as reimbursement  or direct payments.

What goes into the Furnishing Rental Report?

Data for all locations covers costs for:

Living room

Dining area




Furnishing rental budgets are sourced from CORT Global Network and represent mid-range options suitable for international assignees. A recommended uplift for high quality furnishings is also included in the report. Data is updated annually, and rental rates are reflected in the currency in which rental contracts are quoted.

What does the Furnishing Rental Report Look Like?

Furniture Allowance Report

Provide a budget to purchase furniture in the destination location

One of the most flexible approaches to providing household goods and furnishings is to administer an allowance or reimbursement limit for purchases. This flexibility helps employees obtain the right furnishings based on their specific situation & needs. AIRINC collects and curates the cost of household furnishings across the world.

Benefits of Furniture Allowances

Increased flexibility enhances the employee experience

Reduce program administration and costs

Avoid logistics of shipping furniture

Control costs, predictable vs variable shipping costs

Tailored to the location and individual

What goes into the Furniture Allowance?

Data for all locations covers costs for:


Large Appliances

Small Appliances



Data represents mid-range options suitable for professional employees. AIRINC can adjust this amount upward for companies that wish to provide higher quality furnishings or address executive needs. The furniture market basket can be further configured at the item level. Data is updated in January and July to incorporate new survey results, inflation, and exchange rate changes.

What does the Furniture Allowance Report Look Like?

AIRINC Furniture Allowance Report
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