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COLA Change Report

The COLA Change Report is a transparent personalized report that reflects changes in an assignee’s specific COLA (Cost of Living Allowance) amount and explains the reasons behind the change.

AIRINC has found that the best change communications are personalized, visual, and conclusive, and this has been incorporated into the one-of-a-kind AIRINC COLA Change Report, included in the International Assignment Calculator.

What does the COLA Change Report do?

The COLA Change Report provides answers to the following questions:

  • What was the impact of exchange rate change?
  • What were inflation rates in the home and host locations?
  • What is the time-period being measured?
  • Are there other factors to be considered, such as adjustments to salary?

These are complex questions and involve a great deal of information. Considering this, it is essential to have a change document at your disposal that is easily understood by your diverse assignee population.

This easy-to-understand visual report also covers:

  • Increases/decreases in COLA
  • Exchange rate impact
  • Inflation Impact
  • Best of all: there is no additional charge for this report!

The COLA Change Report frees your time for strategic objectives and provides your assignees with that priceless feeling of confidence that their on-assignment compensation is appropriate and transparent.

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COLA Change Report Sample

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