International Assignment Calculator

Your Allowances, Your Way!

Do you need flexible, configurable, on-demand technology solution to determine assignment compensation and allowances for your mobility program?

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No one mobility program is alike

Even within a program there are typically multiple methods for deploying talent across borders. With businesses demanding a wider array of mobility approaches with different price points, you need the flexibility to access allowances in a way that works for you. You also need an efficient way to calculate policy options. The International Assignment Calculator is a turn-key technology solution that makes it easier to prepare your allowances your way.


  • The allowances you need aggregated in one place – COLA, Housing, Tax, Hardship, and more, with a variety of pre-configured options available immediately!
    • Choose the appropriate allowance level—to align assignment purpose such as developmental/early career to executive, or you can define your own
    • Apply caps to your allowances
    • Create company-specific reports that can be quickly distributed to the business or employees
  • Fast, low-cost technology implementation – days not months!
  • Ability to create “what-if” scenarios


  •  Improve productivity, save time, and minimize errors
    • Easily explain cost of living allowance changes to employees with COLA Change Reports
    • Eliminate days spent updating Excel spreadsheets and data
    • increase accuracy and processing times with integrated tax and gross-up calculations
  • Easy access to current and past mobility data, allowances, and compensation statements,
  • Works with home, host or hybrid compensation approaches

Whether you have a new mobility program with a small number of assignees, or a large established program with thousands of assignees, the International Assignment Calculator is a flexible on-demand technology platform that efficiently provides access to Your Allowances, Your Way!

What does the International Assignment Calculator look like?

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