Transportation Data

Transportation Data

How AIRINC Transportation Data can help you:

Transportation is an important component of an international assignment package and can be handled in a variety of ways, including the following: subsidy programs for the purchase and sale of automobiles by expatriates, automobile allowances to provide an assignee with enough money to own and operate a new vehicle in the host location, and public transportation allowances.

AIRINC Transportation Data meets this wide variety of needs by providing data in many forms:

  • Transportation Reports summarize the transportation options in a location, from the usability of public transportation to operating costs of an average vehicle. Learn More.

  • Auto Capital Costs Reports list capital cost data for a full range of vehicles typical in each country. Learn More.

  • Vehicle Cost Analysis Reports show typical capitalization and operating expenditures for a private vehicle, customized to your assumptions;

  • Public Transportation Allowances help you budget and provide for alternate means of transportation

Why you should choose AIRINC Transportation Data:

AIRINC's Transportation Data:

  • is powered by our reliable on-site data, which is collected by our own in-house professional staff;
  • aligns with each company's needs by offering multiple solutions and the ability to customize;
  • reflects valuable input from global assignees about typical usage and the availability and quality of transportation options, collected via our Pattern-of-Living Questionnaire;
  • is based on reasonable assumptions regarding financing, down payments, retention, and distance driven.

How you can access AIRINC's Transportation Data

  • Transportation Reports are available via our online store: please click here.

  • Auto Capital Costs Reports, Vehicle Cost Analysis Reports, and Public Transportation Allowances are customized and available via our AIRLinc Portal. Please contact your client services representative for more information, or click here to request to be contacted.

What does Transportation Data look like?

Transportation Reports

Transportation Reports

Location specific transportation reports offer unmatched on-the-ground survey expertise.

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Auto Capital Costs Reports

Auto Capital Cost Reports

A representative range of car prices in a given location

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Vehicle Cost Analysis Report

Instant online access to your location data or download reports for convenience.