Remote Working

Effectively Addressing Requests to Work Remotely

A successful remote work program effectively communicates a company’s policy. When these requests cross a border, a tax jurisdiction, or a corporate entity it is imperative that a company clearly outlines eligibility to enable compliance and set proper expectations.

Remote work programs are further enhanced when they are tied to the company’s overall talent, compensation, and employee experience strategies. Once established, it is critical to clearly communicate the policy so that the entire organization can efficiently participate in the program.

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Work Anywhere, Succeed Everywhere

AIRINC brings together the right information to help build an optimal remote work program for your company. The result is a well-developed program, aligned to your goals, with clear support guidelines, that everyone in your company knows how to participate in.

Our Approach

AIRINC starts by examining the desired outcomes for establishing your program. We look at the intersection of your talent philosophy, rewards philosophy, employee value proposition, and position on compliance and governance. The result of this examination is a mission statement for the remote work program.

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AIRINCs remote work program steps

Get Started

Developing a remote work policy is a critical step in modernizing your workplace offerings. A well thought out program can help an organization achieve larger talent and business strategies. Contact AIRINC today to get started!

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