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About Our Group

The Technology Roundtable is a user-directed networking/benchmarking group specific to matters related to the technology industry.   Membership is limited to senior Mobility professionals at technology organizations with meaningful mobility programs. 

 Each meeting will be driven by member suggested topics and discussion.  Our goal will be to focus on challenges and roadblocks, share best practices, and assist each other in solving problems.  We will help each other brainstorm and create workable solutions within our orgs or to take to the vendor marketplace. 

AIRINC helps manage this group by: 

  • Managing meeting planning, invitations, conferencing link, and membership list 
  • Soliciting discussion topics and compiling the agenda 
  • Providing benchmarking or other information if valuable based on the member-generated agenda   
  • Performing pulse surveys as requested by membership 
  • Facilitating in-meeting discussion
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Group Initiatives

  • Promoting the employee experience
  • Building internal consulting capacity
  • Ensuring remote work compliance

Group Program Volume

Group Reporting Structure

Your AIRINC Facilitators


May 2021

Key Topics

  • Temporary cross-border remote guardrails
  • DE&I initiatives
  • 3rd party program audits

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December 2021

Key Topics

  • What is the role of the mobility function?
  • Remote work strategy
  • Predictive Analytics

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Technology Group Members

Our Resources

  • Temporary Remote Work Pulse Survey

    Key Findings

    • 70% allow for temp remote work
    • 45% track using technology
    • 80% limit cross-border to 30 days


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