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Using our international tax tools, we mined global tax rates to calculate and identify which countries have the most progressive, regressive, and flat tax rate structures. We compiled data based on three representative salary levels: low, mid, and high. The difference in effective tax rates between these salary levels is a measure of the progressive nature of the tax and social security assessed on wages.

Key Takeaways

Use the International Assignment Calculator to:

  • Countries with very progressive tax structures tend to have top marginal tax rates in excess of 35%.
  • Countries with regressive tax structures tend to limit the scope of taxation to a certain threshold of income, or only assess social security up to a maximum. This means income that exceeds the maximum threshold is tax-free.
  • Countries with flat tax structures typically have a flat income tax rate, or do not assess income tax or social security on wages.

Regressive Rates: Earn More, Pay Less

Progressive Rates: Earn More, Pay More

Flat Rates: Earn More, Pay the Same

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