Short-term Allowance Calculator

Short-term Allowance Calculator

How can the Short-term Allowance Calculator help you?

Short-term assignments are the 2nd most common policy for companies according to the 2016 Mobility Outlook Survey. The Short-term Allowance Calculator offers standard profiles for different types of short-term travel based on over 60 years of industry expertise. In addition, you can configure multiple profiles to match your organization’s policies as needed.

The Short-term Allowance Calculator allows you to leverage market-leading data for over 1,300 cities worldwide covering costs for:

  • Meals

  • Transportation

  • Accommodation

  • Personal Care

  • Recreation

Why should you choose the Short-term Allowance Calculator?

Use the Short-term Allowance Calculator to:

  • Dramatically reduce the administration of your short-term assignment and travel expenses

  • Control the costs to the business with flexible allowance profiles

  • Download all of your locations at once in one simple report

  • Access superior data from professionally trained on-site surveying employees

The Short-term Allowance Calculator supports all types of assignments, including traditional expat assignments, host and host-plus assignments, and local hires. The tool offers standard profiles that can be used during the relocation and return phases of an assignment, including:

  • Temporary Living

  • House Hunting Trip

What are Typical Assignments Covered by the Short-term Allowance Calculator?

Typical assignments covered include:

  • Business Traveler

  • Short-Term Assignment

  • Developmental Assignment

  • Commuter

  • Project-Based — Hotel Accommodations

  • Project-Based — Corporate Apartment

What does the Short-term Allowance Calculator look like?


Quickly and easily configure your own allowances.

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Instant online access to your location data or download reports for convenience.


Batch Preparation

Easy access to all of your location data with batch downloads.

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