Policy Writing

Outlining, writing, and finalizing policy documents

Policy Writing

Policies foster transparency and consistency within a mobility program. They are critical in streamlining administration and containing costs. Compliance, exception management, and talent recognition are just some of the additional benefits realized with well-developed mobility guidelines. Effective policies are invaluable to those that administer and depend on them.

AIRINC views policies as user-friendly support documents for assignees, managers, and HR. We understand the latest policy options and how they are applied in mobility today. Our experienced consultants devote time to understanding how a policy should serve your new or changing mobility program. No two programs are exactly alike, which is why we guide you through each policy element, making sure the finished document reflects your unique context.

We can write a new policy or rewrite an existing one to make it current and competitive, introduce new policy types, or establish tiered approaches to compensation that acknowledge assignment value. Your new policy framework will support your evolving program and balance your needs for flexibility and resolution. It will become a dependable foundation upon which you can grow.

Policy Writing is Available for the Following International Assignment Types

  • Extended Business Traveler
  • Long Term
  • Short Term
  • Rotator
  • Commuter
  • Globalist
  • Local/Host Plus
  • Localization/Permanent Transfer

Policy Writing Includes

  • In depth consultation to determine your unique policy needs
  • A guided explanation of each policy element
  • Drafting and writing of all mobility documents
  • An exploration of the pros and cons of various approaches
  • Cross checking of all mobility policies to ensure consistent language and tone

The Changing Mobility Landscape: A New Outlook

The Changing  Mobility Landscape

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