International Assignment Launch Toolkit

International Assignment Launch Toolkit

Guidance and tools for companies sending their first international assignee

International Assignment Launch Toolkit

A company’s first international assignment is a pivotal event. It’s an opportunity for organizational growth, and career development. With a budding global initiative, HR managers are tasked with organizing and executing the assignment in a way that maximizes resources and returns.

Initial assignments often involve key talent with significant responsibilities that are vital to achieving business objectives. It’s important to get it right the first time and set the stage for future success.

AIRINC can help your company navigate a first assignment with our International Assignment Launch Toolkit. The Toolkit addresses overall assignment costs, compliance, policy, and compensation topics. It provides managers with critical information and tools to help establish expectations and expedite the launch of an international assignment.

This unparalleled suite of products and services is designed to give you the confidence needed to deploy and support your company’s first assignee. It also provides an outstanding foundation for future moves and a successful global mobility program.

The Toolkit includes

  • One standard and one customized Assignment Cost Estimate (ACE) - capturing the total assignment cost for the company from pre-assignment to post-repatriation
  • One Hypothetical Tax calculation detail report- highlighting the assignee’s home tax obligations
  • One custom Assignment Letter- spelling out the terms of the assignment for the assignee
  • One Balance Sheet Manager Worksheet subscription – calculating and updating cost of living allowances
  • A Process Flow Chart- organizing the mobility process from beginning to end
  • Four hours of expert advice on tax, payroll, and other compliance and compensation topics

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