Assignment Cost Estimator (ACE)

Assignment Cost Estimator (ACE)

How can the Assignment Cost Estimator help you?

AIRINC's Assignment Cost Estimator (ACE) supports global workforce planning, budgeting, and policy management by enabling clients to understand the true cost of expatriate assignments. Clients use ACE to compare and assess the cost of different assignment scenarios or candidates, therefore making better-informed decisions about their global workforce.

Because we know that it can be challenging to evaluate the viability of host-based packages, we recently added a Host Plus Policy to ACE. This enhancement enables you to see the cost to the company of a host-based approach and to determine if host plus is a good financial fit for the assignee.

Why should you choose the Assignment Cost Estimator?

The Assignment Cost Estimator:

  • helps you decide between a home-based vs. host-based assignment package;

  • generates cost estimates within seconds;

  • requires minimal data entry by providing data for more than thirty of the most common assignment-related expenditures that span the entire assignment cycle (pre-assignment, during assignment, and repatriation);

  • offers ultimate flexibility in aligning each estimate with your company's specific policy, allowing you to overwrite or remove default values and add your own package elements;

  • supports cost estimates for more than 3,600 country combinations;

  • is powered by sophisticated tax data and logic fine-tuned according to parameters that you can control, such as the Social Security delivery location, the method of payment for assignment-related expenditures, the application of an expatriate ruling, and customizable tax modules;

  • displays results using the year assumptions you need, including calendar year, assignment year, and fiscal year;

  • simulates time-to-time movement according to user-specified annual compensation and allowance increases.

How can you access the Assignment Cost Estimator?

The Assignment Cost Estimator is available via:

  • Transactional Access: Per Report

  • Calendar Year Access: Per Location

  • We also offer ACE Reports bundled with consultation by a member of our Advisory Services team.

What does the Assignment Cost Estimator look like?


The Inputs tab allows the user to specify information about the assignee.

Input Employee


The Review tab displays the estimate variables and allows the user to overwrite the default values.