Assignment Cost Estimator (ACE)

Online Access to Self-Service Cost Projections

Meet tight deadlines with real-time estimation

  • Online access to self-service cost estimates in minutes
  • Compare the cost of multiple candidates; evaluate the cost of exceptions; or advise on the cost of different policies for a single candidate

Provide estimates that match your policies

  • Spend less time editing reports by configuring your estimates to match the benefit levels and terminology from your global policies

Support your global moves

  • Create estimates for home- or host-based types of moves for long-term and short-term assignments

Access “taxpertise” when you need it

  • Taxes are often the highest cost of an international move – calculate them accurately and advise your business leaders on what is driving the costs
  • Highlight the taxes and social security from both the home and host locations with each estimate (updated regularly to reflect changes to a country’s tax regime)
  • Understand how the tax burden is calculated – our team of former Big Four tax experts is here to help walk you through the numbers when you need it

Do more with your cost estimates

Calculating the cost of moving an employee is just one way you can leverage an estimate.

  • Advocate for policy changes by modeling with estimates across key pathways to get stakeholder buy in
  • Advise the business on what packages are the best fit or most cost effective
  • Help the business budget and accrue costs for all their mobile employees for the upcoming year
  • Run a batch of estimates instead of one at a time
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