The right compensation approach gives cross-border talent the freedom to focus on their success, rather than worry about the financial implications of the move. Carefully selected allowances complement your chosen pay philosophy, allowing the company to offer the employee support at the company’s desired level of subsidy.

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AIRINC offers an array of allowances based on in-depth research from a dedicated team to provide quality data for 2,500+ locations in over 190 countries. Let us help you choose the international and domestic allowances that are right for you.

Cost of Living Allowances

The Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) — also known as Goods and Services Differential, Commodities and Services Allowance, or Cost of Living Index – an allowance to adjust for differences in goods and services costs between two locations.


A successful assignment requires safe housing for your employees. Access ‘at-the-ready’ housing budgets by job level and family size.


Typically, tax is one of the biggest costs tied to sending someone on a global assignment. An accurate determination of hypothetical and gross-up taxes is essential to the design of equitable expatriate compensation packages.

Hardship Premium

A location premium to incentivize assignees to more challenging locations.


Having access to ‘at-the-ready’ airfare data allows you to offer easy to administer travel support, while providing the employee with flexible choice. Access airfare allowances that support home leave, relocation flights, lump sum and other airfare needs.


Education for a global employee’s children can be an important deciding factor on whether they accept an assignment. Access concise information with the upfront and ongoing costs of schools worldwide, so you can evaluate what level of support to provide.


Companies may provide transportation assistance to employees traveling across borders. A transportation allowance is an amount to help an employee obtain and operate a car or use public transportation.

Furniture Allowances

The AIRINC Furniture Calculator delivers allowances for assignees who must furnish their own homes on assignment.

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