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The foundation for understanding external practice is good quality benchmarking data. Benchmarking information is most effective when it brings both an external viewpoint as well as internal insights into a mobility program. Interpreting benchmarking data in the right context: both against an organization’s unique business needs and with an understanding of general market trends, allows companies to assess their mobility programs more effectively. By considering external data alongside internal context, companies can make informed decisions that work best for their organization.

AIRINC collects robust benchmarking data intended to understand the range of practices in the market place. In addition, AIRINC gathers demographics along with goals and intents of mobility programs so results can be interpreted within the context of the organizations included in the survey. By understanding the characteristics of participating companies, AIRINC can present cuts of benchmarking data to help recognize the rationale and trends behind reported practice. Using this comprehensive benchmarking data, AIRINC partners with clients to understand their mobility needs and guide decisions that will help achieve organizational objectives.

Benchmark Surveys

2023 Mobility Outlook Survey

Each year it seems that Global Mobility is confronted with new and complex issues. As Mobility expands its remit and diversifies its portfolio, the types...
Benchmark Surveys

2022 Mobility Outlook Survey

Global Mobility has emerged from the pandemic as a remarkably different function. After a second year managing travel restrictions, heightened immigration complexity, and remote work...
Benchmark Surveys

2021 Mobility Outlook Survey

Global Mobility has experienced an incredibly difficult year. But 2020 also provided a unique opportunity for teams to showcase their expertise and creativity in new...
Benchmark Surveys

2020 Core/Flex Report

Core/Flex! This catchy term seems to be popping up with increasing frequency in articles and blogs regarding global mobility trends. Although AIRINC’s most recent Mobility...

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