Mobility Outlook Survey (MOS)

Since the pandemic, Mobility has quickly modernized and become a different function. Our 2023 Mobility Outlook Survey details predictions for the upcoming year and how leaders are planning to best leverage the opportunities presented. Download the full report to discover more.

AIRINC Mobility Outlook Survey 2023

About the MOS Report

AIRINC’s 2023 Mobility Outlook Survey is designed to provide an informed, objective analysis of mobility trends to help professionals understand the market and identify opportunities for growth.


Dark blue circle with a man using a megaphone with a yellow star and the text 50% in the background

50% of companies are doing more consultations with the business to communicate various mobility policy options

Medium blue circle with a man standing on a paper airplane with the text 48% in the background

48% of companies expect Global Mobility will be purposefully used to attract and retain talent

Dark blue circle with two people working on their laptops with the text 75% in the background

Using new or enhanced technology would allow 75% of companies to administer their mobility program more effectively.

Teal circle with people talking to each other with the text 51% in the background

51% of companies expect requests for mobility to increase

Person running and holding a puzzle light blue piece


212 Participating Companies

AIRINC MOS 2023 Global Demographics Map
multicolored pie chart with different industries icons and the globe in the center
Top Industries Represented
Blue dot

Financial & Professional Services

Purple dot

Consumer Goods

Orange dot

Oil/Gas & Energy Services

Blue dot


Green dot

Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

Purple dot


Dark blue dot


Yellow dot


Access the Full Report

Download and read the full 2023 Mobility Outlook Survey to leverage valuable insights and inform your organization’s mobility journey.

AIRINC Mobility Outlook Survey 2023
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