AIRINC can help you:

  • Source Airfare Data for your Home Leave Cash Allowances

    Home leave is essential to assignee satisfaction. Despite the fact that mobility programs spend millions on home leave, companies often struggle to find the most effective way to determine, administer, and update this benefit. Our Airfare Database removes the burden of researching this information and provides you with reasonable, objective fare data for your home leave cash allowances tailored to your policy assumptions.

  • Protect an Assignee from Excess Goods and Services Costs

    We offer the most accurate and reliable cost of living allowances for any home to host combination. Our COLA recommendations are supported by an array of materials, ranging from survey outlet lists to time-to-time update reconciliations.

  • Establish an Equitable Housing Program

    Our International Housing Guide (IHG) helps you manage costs, reduce exceptions, and enhance assignee satisfaction. The IHG gives you access to housing and utilities budgets tailored to meet your needs, along with comprehensive location details, including Rent-by-area grids, rental standards, and market reports.

  • Evaluate the Cost-Effectiveness of Your Mobility Program

    Our Assignment Cost Estimator (ACE) enables you to compare packages, generate what-if scenarios, and measure the impact of policy changes. You can generate home- and host-based assignee estimates in minutes, powered by our own tax, cost of living, housing, education, and other assignment-related data.

  • Establish and Maintain Balance Sheets

    Our Balance Sheet Manager (BSM) lets you create and update balance sheets instantly with the flexibility to configure the elements you want to include, such as hypothetical income tax, goods and services, housing, and automobile costs. Balance sheets can be updated automatically for new survey data and exchange rate changes.

  • Assess the Impact of Localization or a Cross-Border Hire

    Our suite of host-based decision tools empowers you to create packages commonly used for expatriate localizations, permanent moves, and cross-border hires.

    • Host Pay Calculator – helps you determine the host salary required to protect the home purchasing power.

    • Salary Evaluation Tool – helps you evaluate the impact to a transferee receiving an offered local salary compared to the existing home salary.

  • Establish Appropriate International Education Allowances or Reimbursements

    Our Education Reports summarize cost information for a representative list of international schools in a given city, helping you maintain objectivity and improve cost estimation while eliminating the need to do ad hoc research. Each report comes with a city map showing school locations.

  • Attract and Retain Assignees in Challenging Locations

    We provide hardship evaluations for hundreds of locations worldwide to support competitive hardship allowance programs. Our hardship evaluations are updated frequently to reflect changing conditions.

  • Understand Tax Impacts on Global Assignees

    Our tax solutions improve the effectiveness of your assignee packages and enhance your efficiency in assessing the options. Our International Tax Guide (ITG) delivers statistical hypothetical and gross-up tax and social insurance data as well as detailed tax summaries and algorithms. Support is provided by our dedicated team of tax professionals, who specialize in tax solutions for global transfers.

    AIRINC’s new Expat Tax Summaries provide high-level, comprehensive information about the taxation of expatriate employment income in a given country and serve as a helpful tax resource for Global Mobility program managers.

  • Design Compensation Packages for Business Travel and Short Term Assignments

    Our Per Diem Calculator (PDC) supplies living cost, accommodation, and transportation budgets for business trips, house-hunting trips, temporary living, and short term assignments.

  • Keep up to Date with AIRINC’s On-the-Ground Knowledge

    AIRINC’s global reach gives you access to country alerts, newsflashes, and newsletters about a wide range of economic and quality of life events, including currency devaluations, volatile rental markets, and safety concerns, and the impact of such events on international assignees.

    • On-site Insight is a private blog that provides AIRINC clients with exclusive access to our on-the-ground observations about expatriate locations.

    • Data Points is a quarterly newsletter that highlights recent survey findings.

    • Site Summaries are trusted reference guides that provide destination familiarity at a glance to help you better understand and support your expatriates.

  • Compare Your Mobility Policy To Peers

    AIRINC believes that each company has their unique business strategy and therefore needs a mobility strategy to match. However, we understand competitive pressures and understand how your policy compares to a specified peer group is key to understand possible changes to your program. We have policy and industry benchmarks that we used to assess your competitiveness.

  • Assess Competitive Pay for Global and Critical Talent

    In this era of workforce globalization, a company’s key talent may be located anywhere. Essentially, they are “Borderless”. Their countries of origin or employment hold little significance, and they don’t fit neatly into the conventional boxes used by traditional compensation surveys. In such an environment, comparing the pay of an organization’s top executive talent to data gathered on a country-by-country basis isn’t sufficient for understanding competitive pay in a regional or global labor market.

  • Build and support a sound transportation policy

    Because transportation options vary widely across locations, it can be particularly challenging to understand a location’s transportation system and establish budgets that meet assignees’ needs. Through a host of tools and reports, AIRINC’s Transportation Data keeps your policy tuned up.

Our Belief

We believe that accurate, defensible data is required to support an effective mobility program.

Our Approach

We collect and analyze our own data to ensure the high quality and global coverage that enable us to offer a comprehensive range of data solutions to meet every mobility need.

Our Delivery and Support

We provide targeted data solutions using a variety of tools and formats to meet your unique needs. Our data solutions come with our industry-leading customer support, including an experienced client services team dedicated to your program.