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Business Traveler Briefings

Business Traveler Briefings

A simple reference for business travel costs and tips

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  • Quickly understand international business travel costs with up-to-date, reliable information collected on site.

  • Provide employees with a briefing sheet to guide them through their arrival and what to expect on location.

  • Save everyone’s time with only the essential information your travelers need to visit their destination.

  • Guidebooks are for tourists; your business travelers need relevant travel information at their fingertips without having to comb through pages to get it.

    Business Traveler Briefings provide an executive summary of cost and location expertise distilled from our in-house team of international travelers to ensure an accurate travel budget for you and a smooth visit for your business traveler.

    We have taken our years of unparalleled survey travel to provide all the information your business travelers need to know for that last minute trip or short-term assignment. Prepare for business trip expenditures by knowing roughly what sort of price exposure the business will have, and prepare your travelers to navigate the assigned city with confidence.

    The Business Traveler Briefing provides:

    • Average airfare and on-site costs for thirty of the most popular destinations for international business travelers
    • Categories covering hotels, restaurant meals, and taxis
    • Airfare estimates from three representative regions (North America, Europe, Asia)
    • Helpful tips on arriving in a location, getting around, special considerations, and departure
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Business Traveler Briefing: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Understand costs of business trips to Rio de Janeiro and provide your travelers with the travel tips they’ll need while they are there.

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Pricing Information:
  • Cost $50/each (USD)
  • All prices are subject to applicable local taxes

Business Traveler Briefings help you:

Understand international business travel costs

with up-to-date, reliable information.

Provide your employees with briefing sheets

on the locations they’re visiting and what they can expect when they get there.

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