Ensure Market Competitiveness

As business changes, Mobility needs change, too. A program audit helps you stay ahead of the curve by providing a program-wide evaluation of your policies and practices so you can plan your next move and make good Mobility decisions.

A program audit will identify:

  • The market competitiveness of your benefits
  • The relationship between your Mobility approaches and how well they meet your talent needs
  • Opportunities for streamlining or enhancing benefit delivery

Quicker and more focused than a full program review, an audit provides unbiased insights so you can plan for change ahead.

How it works:

  • We interview you to understand your goals and context
  • We review your policies, demographics, and any stakeholder feedback you have on hand
  • We evaluate your policies against those of comparable organizations using our policy database
  • We provide a summary presentation of our findings, data, and opportunities
  • The process takes about 4 weeks

Case study

Looking to add value for their Mobility customers, a large North American consumer goods company asked AIRINC to evaluate their existing program. Considering their industry, location, and population profile, we conducted a Program Audit. We identified opportunities for market alignment including changing how some of their core/flex benefits were classified and we presented ideas for consolidating certain benefits to simplify administration.  The business valued Mobility’s efforts and partnership and the changes made led to cost and time efficiencies for the organization.

Sample policy audit deliverable:

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