Why Choose AIRINC?

In a competitive environment, you have a choice. While it is sometimes difficult to identify the differences among the providers of expatriate compensation and mobility consulting services, there are seven key characteristics that give AIRINC a clear advantage in relation to the other organizations in our industry. 

  1. Stability
    AIRINC has been in the global mobility business for over 60 years. The continuity of our key staff is an important element of our stability. Most of our executive team has been with AIRINC for more than 20 years, and we place great value on employee development and retention. We build upon this platform of experience by continually expanding our offerings to provide innovative solutions to new mobility challenges faced by our clients.
  2. Reliability
    AIRINC is known as the high quality provider of global mobility information. We invest more than our competitors in data collection.   We know that quality starts at the data collection phase, so we do our own primary field research. The fact that our surveyors are full-time employees of AIRINC ensures the highest quality and most consistent data for our clients. In addition, our data coverage is unrivaled. AIRINC surveys hundreds of international locations and offers more transfer combinations than any other provider. This combination of primary research and global scope allows us to provide clients with extensive data support based on first-hand knowledge. We stand behind our data 100%.
  3. Service
    All providers talk about providing good service, but AIRINC’s service is unparalleled. Each client is supported by a dedicated and global mobility-focused team led by one of our most senior experts.  We do not depend on standard or canned responses, but rather use our in-house data and expertise to provide personalized answers that help our clients solve their specific mobility problems. Our “best in class” service approach is to understand each client’s unique mobility challenges and to ensure that we provide rapid service and support in responding to those challenges.
  4. Expertise
    International mobility is our sole focus. Our entire organization is fully dedicated to helping our clients resolve their global mobility challenges. Given the complexity of this field, we believe that it takes full-time experts to provide clients with the best possible answers. Whether it is industry-specific policy expertise, or IT or data support, our knowledge and focus on the issues that are critical to you make our products, advice, and service the best in the marketplace.
  5. Solutions
    We make sure that our program policy and data recommendations are in alignment with client mobility objectives, industry practices, and assignee demographics. Because we know that a client sending a first assignee abroad has different needs from a client with thousands of assignees, we offer different solutions to meet different mobility requirements. No other provider has AIRINC’s combination of flexibility, range of data tools, and expertise to bring to the process of providing a “best-fit” solution for any client with mobility program needs. 
  6. Our Clients
    AIRINC counts 45 of the Fortune 100 as clients. Many of our clients have been with us for over twenty years. We view our clients as partners, an approach that enables us to understand each client’s unique mobility challenges. Key thought leaders in various industries count on us to provide them with the solutions to their complex problems, and they are our best references.
  7. We enjoy what we do
    As mobility specialists, we like helping our clients address challenges and issues around expatriation. We believe that what we do can make a difference to your company, your business, and your assignees. We might not be the biggest provider, but we feel we are the best.