"It has been a huge pleasure to work with you – we’ll especially remember your warmth, awesome knowledge and great passion to make a difference.”

—David Haines
Global Mobility Director
Mars Inc.

"We have been working with AIRINC since 2012 using their Permanent Transfer Calculator tool. This tool is invaluable at helping us make informed decisions when moving our associates internationally."

—Sally Chapman
Senior Global Mobility Manager
Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Limited

"The professionalism of AIRINC’s team, their knowledge, and can-do attitude have made them my go-to source whenever I have a question about cross-border compensation, best practices, or need data for our next contemplated cross-border assignment. AIRINC always answers every question I pose – no matter how large or small – quickly and understandably."

—Joe Medwid
Coordinator, International Human Resources
Massachusetts Financial Services

"Our AIRINC contacts are extremely knowledgeable and supportive! It is a pleasure to work with them!"

—Arlette Denton

"Very knowledgeable, always accessible, willingness to provide excellent services and to meet needs"

—Pamela Madewell
Program Manager, HR

"We recently worked with AIRINC to connect our expatriate management platform, ReloViews Complete, to their Assignment Cost Estimator via Web Services. During the multiple phases of the project, the AIRINC team was responsive, helpful and easy to work with. By leveraging their global mobility expertise, we have quickly added value to our platform and seamlessly integrated cost estimation functionality that incorporates robust data and sophisticated logic. This enhanced capability makes ReloViews Complete more useful for our clients, and the Web Services approach enables us to partner with AIRINC to navigate client-specific customizations and the overall implementation process more efficiently."

—Michael J. Sanderson
Director of Technology
Orion Mobility

"In my opinion, the most important aspect of making a decision to customize technology is the customer service comes along with the work. AIRINC worked to exceed my customer service expectations throughout our project to build a customized version of the Assignment Cost Estimator (ACE) that handles company-specific cost estimates and balance sheets. This blended solution streamlined our processes, enhanced our productivity and enabled us to spend more time evaluating the ROI of an assignment. Some specific examples of how the tool helped our team are outlined below."

  • Provided the ability to focus on day-to-day priorities. Because I no longer had to contact multiple service providers and could access information in one place, I was able to concentrate on other priorities in the office.
  • Facilitated speedy decision-making and better relationships with management. The management team was impressed by the agility and efficiency of ACE, which allowed me to generate a cost estimate within minutes. Quicker access to information made management more accountable for quicker decision-making. In addition, it provided the most useful way to communicate to management the value of making exceptions by enabling us to assess the monetary impact over the length of the assignment.
  • Reduced workload. Calculating bonuses, salary increases and allowances for international assignees on different payrolls and regimes can be challenging and time consuming. ACE turned our workload into something that we were able to manage in a morning instead of weeks.
  • Gained Hypothetical Tax Efficiency. We were accustomed to calculating hypothetical taxes manually, using data from more than one provider and spending weeks discussing tax laws and labor legislation. Our internal tax experts worked closely with AIRINC to come up with tax solutions that met our needs. The new approach eliminated our old processes, which resulted in better relationships with colleagues, greater tax knowledge and clear calculation criteria."

—Nick Cheesman
HR Manager NSA
Petroleum Geo-Services

Nick is currently Sr. Manager Compensation and Employee Relations at Repsol.