Free Webinars: Coping with Currency Volatility

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In the last year we have seen double-digit percentage fluctuations in the value of many key currencies, and extreme exchange rate changes have become a critical issue for many international assignment programs. Companies are struggling to address assignee complaints and administrative strains resulting from the high degree of currency volatility, and the rise in non-traditional expatriate pay approaches has added to the complexity.

View this webinar to find out what these currency changes mean for your assignees and your global mobility program.

Find out how your organization’s approach to currency volatility compares to over 180 global organizations as we share the results of our Flash Survey on this topic. We’ll also explore points to consider when currencies fluctuate and discuss strategies to manage the impact.

This webinar is intended for corporate Human Resources professionals who currently manage or administer global mobility programs.

Client issues regarding currency volatility:

“Our balance sheet-based assignees are saying they are losing purchase power because we don’t address big exchange rate swings quickly enough.”
“We provide our assignees with the ability to split their pay between home and host currencies, but are unsure whether we also need to adjust COLA when currency fluctuations are dramatic.”
“My assignee on a host pay package in Germany says he has to convert more and more euros to dollars to meet his mortgage obligations in the U.S. and is looking for some type of company assistance.”
“We put all our assignees on an Australian-dollar-based pay package, but assignees from other countries such as Japan complain that our currency protection schemes do not address their needs.”