Taxation For Allowances

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The “Taxpertise” you need, when you need it!

Calculate and isolate the impact of host tax on individual allowances (COLA, housing, hardship) through the International Assignment Calculator.

Specifically you can:

  • Access smart tax logic such as:
    • Social security treaties
    • Tax agreements between countries
    • Filing status
  • Determine how taxes are calculated by designating how
    an element of compensation, allowances, and/or benefit
    is delivered, for example:

    • Calculate taxes on each “taxable” item and understand the net cost of delivering mobility premiums to the employee
    • Report tax separately for both social security and income taxes
  • Understand specific tax requirements in jurisdictions such as Canadian provinces and Switzerland
  • Choose to include benefits in kind in reports, but exclude from cash compensation total
  • Isolate taxes on incentives and bonus calculations from standard compensation

AIRINC’s tax logic has been designed by former “Big 4” tax professionals with 40+ years of experience with global mobility.

We do the work, so you don’t have to!

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