When is a Global Mobility Program “Strategic”?

  • The basis of every mobility program is compliance and operational excellence–mitigating risks and focusing on the service delivery mechanism. But in an increasingly global business world, is that enough?

    Today, mobility needs to do more than just facilitate relocation. It must also contribute to and promote the development of global talent. In other words, it must get the right talent to the right place at the right time.

    A strategic mobility program aligns with and contributes to the unique business strategies and goals of the company.

Watch Steve Brink, AIRINC President and Chief Executive Officer, as he introduces AIRINC’s Strategic Mobility Roadmap (SMR), tracking the progression of a mobility program from a merely tactical approach to a more strategic one.

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When is a Global Mobility Program “Strategic”?

White Paper: When is a Global Mobility Program “Strategic”?

For more detail on our strategic approach to mobility, download this free white paper.

5 Stages of the AIRINC Strategic Mobility Roadmap (SMR)



Operational Excellence


Value Alignment


Talent and Reward Integration


Measurement of Goal Achievement