Web Services

Because the trend in HR and mobility is to focus increasingly on workflow technology, it is important that AIRINC’s data tools connect seamlessly with the IA management software used by our clients. We are working to ensure that our suite of applications can be used as a web service that will allow client programs to access AIRINC’s data and tools on demand, with software “talking” to software. Our goal is to provide data and other value-added modules via an AIRINC web service for all the major IA management software tools. We are currently engaged with key IA management software companies to make this happen.

For example, an Oil and Gas Client wanted to connect their complex goods and services logic and cost-of-living data into their International Assignee Management (IAM) platform to streamline their workflow. AIRINC worked closely with both the client and the provider of the IAM platform to create an Application Programming Interface (API) that enabled the IAM platform to perform real-time calculations on AIRINC data, including all client specific logic. By having AIRINC as the source for both the data and the client specific logic and establishing a direct connection between the software platforms, implementation time and customization costs were reduced; an external tool for verifying allowance calculations was available; and the workflow for cost-of-living data updates was streamlined.