Strategic Mobility Consulting Through FIT

Strategic Mobility Consulting Through FIT

An ideal mobility program is carefully crafted for each organization.

Fit - Focus Interpret Tailor

Well-designed programs are built on a comprehensive understanding of the internal and external factors that shape an organization's mobility needs and goals.

AIRINC's Advisory Services team follows a structured review and design process to ensure our mobility program recommendations suit each organization's unique needs. We call this process FIT: Focus, Interpret, Tailor.

FIT helps companies develop global mobility programs to meet organizational, business, and talent objectives. Through the early engagement of stakeholders, creation of key design principles, and development of targeted mobility policies, AIRINC helps our clients create and implement mobility programs that fulfill strategic objectives.

FIT Outcomes

  • A mobility program built to enable business objectives

  • Mobility principles to guide your program

  • A rational framework of mobility policies

  • A solution based on stakeholder input

  • Focus

    We partner with you to identify design principles and engage stakeholders. This collaboration provides a platform for discussing desired outcomes with invested key players. We determine the desired future state of mobility and identify opportunities for change in the current program.

  • Interpret

    Applying the company's design principles, we analyze the advantages, compromises, and cost impacts of different program configurations to determine the best match. We rationalize existing policies and design new policies when needed.

  • Tailor

    With an approach selected, we create a suitable framework to address the organization's ideal levels of flexibility, market competitiveness, and simplicity. We develop a campaign to communicate changes across the organization.

Completed FIT Project Summaries

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The Changing Mobility Landscape: A New Outlook

The Changing  Mobility Landscape

Morgan Crosby, Global Director of Advisory Services, discusses how mobility is changing to enable organizations to do business globally and how AIRINC has helped companies tailor their mobility offerings through our new consultative approach, "FIT."

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