Program Cost Forecast

Program Cost Forecast

Stop struggling with budgeting for assignment accruals.

The Program Cost Forecast service provides a defensible budget while reducing time spent by more than 50%.

A global manufacturing company, like many companies, struggled to project their international assignment costs for accruals. Leadership challenged large budget variances and asked for more accurate data for stakeholders. In partnering with AIRINC, the team streamlined the budgeting process by using the Program Cost Forecast service.

This service has enabled the business to make informed decisions based on:

  • better financial reporting,

  • analysis of population,

  • and program spend.

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Building a Better Budget for Your International Assignment Program

Accurately forecast the cost of all your assignments for the upcoming year.

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Program Cost Forecast Process

What are the benefits of using the Program Cost Forecast service?

  • Improved budget accuracy Improved budget accuracy

  • reduction in time spent Significant reduction in time spent on assignment accruals

  • Amend international assignment accruals Amend international assignment accruals budget as needed with new information

How does the Program Cost Forecast service improve your assignment budgeting process?

  • Isolate Costs Isolate costs by business unit, location, assignment type, assignment lifecycle, employee, and more

  • Revise your projection Revise your projection for actual assignment expenses

  • Determine appropriate costsDetermine appropriate costs to include in the budget by assignment phase

Program Costs Forecast Preview

Program Cost Forecast

Forecast Mobility Program Costs for Fiscal Budgeting

Cost by Business Unit

Cost summary by assignee provides detail needed for Finance

Costs by Assignee

Costs by Policy Type

Costs by Status

Data Table

Interactive program summary provides strategic view of program costs