Mobility Simplification

Mobility Simplification

Streamlining process, policy, and practices for more efficient programs

Mobility Simplifications

Clear, succinct, targeted. These three words describe the best mobility policies. As an organization’s needs change over time, its mobility program often becomes more complex. New policies are added to accommodate heightened demand for expatriate assignments, while existing policies are amended to reflect changing business conditions. At a certain point, conducting a review helps to make sure that the policy framework is rational, consistent, and clear.

AIRINC‘s Advisory Team can help rationalize and simplify your mobility program or policy. Our expert consultants catalogue your benefits in an at-a-glance matrix, identifying redundancies and streamlining your program. If your framework is meeting business needs and simply needs a tune-up to better align communications, we can replace complex language with clear guidance and improve organization and consistency across all documents. Mobility simplification results in a policy that showcases key points and effectively communicates the right message to expatriates and administrators.

Program Simplification

  • Streamline redundant policies
  • Develop a consistent structure and language across all documents
  • Catalogue policies for at-a-glance comprehension

Policy Simplification

  • Clarify benefits to improve comprehension Tailor language to the audience Address policy gaps
  • Tailor language to the audience
  • Address policy gaps

The Changing Mobility Landscape: A New Outlook

The Changing  Mobility Landscape

Morgan Crosby, Global Director of Advisory Services, discusses how mobility is changing to enable organizations to do business globally and how AIRINC has helped companies tailor their mobility offerings through our new consultative approach, "FIT."

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