Mobility Metrics

Mobility Metrics

Workforce analytics is the fastest growing field in human resources. At AIRINC, we are the first to solely focus on workforce analytics for the Global Mobility area. Our Mobility Metrics solutions target the collection and analysis of data to measure your unique goals and delivers key information to guide decisions around assignment costs, workforce planning, and policy optimization. We use a tiered approach to establishing Mobility Metrics:

  • Aggregate - establish simple demographics categories like assignment type, location, number of assignees, costs;
  • Assess – measure progress toward mobility and company goals such as cost reduction, talent growth, employee mobility, and
  • Anticipate – predict probable outcomes, such as whether an assignment is likely to succeed or fail.

Recently, a high tech client engaged AIRINC to help them measure and report on the progress towards their global mobility goals. After we collected, cleaned, and mapped the data, we defined the metrics necessary to measure their goals and performed multiple levels of analysis. We delivered two reports – one that outlined the progress on their defined goals and one that highlighted unexpected findings. After presenting the reports to executive management, the client has since implemented some changes to achieve better progress towards their goals.