Lump Sum Calculator

Lump Sum Calculator

How can the Lump Sum Calculator help you?

Many companies elect to provide cash allowances for short-term travel in order to minimize the time spent managing and reimbursing expenses while providing maximum flexibility to employees. However, “one size fits all” may not work for your program.

Leverage over 60 years of mobility expertise and industry-leading data sets to create a custom Lump Sum Calculator to fit your organization’s policies and objectives.

The Lump Sum Calculator helps you:

  • Reduce the administrative effort required to determine allowances

  • Ensure consistency across the organization and assignment types

  • Tailor the calculations to fit your policies

  • Provide flexibility with well-defined cash allowances

What does the Lump Sum Calculator provide?

  • Custom inputs – by your job levels, family sizes, locations, and policies

  • Custom data sets – select from AIRINC data and/or combine with data specific to your organization (such as legacy data or your travel policy)

  • Offline Microsoft Excel tool that is regularly updated by AIRINC

  • Data for over 1,300 cities worldwide covering costs for:
    • Airfare

    • Meals

    • Transportation

    • Accommodation

    • Taxes

What does the Lump Sum Calculator look like?