Host Pay Calculator (HPC)

Host Pay Calculator

How can the Host Pay Calculator help you?

AIRINC’s Host Pay Calculator helps companies with one-way relocations to evaluate and protect the transferees’ purchasing power in the host location.

The Host Pay Calculator is best used when:

  • The offered host salary is unknown

  • The goal is to protect the employee’s home purchasing power

  • You require the recommended host pay

The Host Pay Calculator delivers information critical to compensating a foreigner in an unfamiliar place. The information can be used to facilitate a move by removing the potential barriers to a transfer such as locations where costs and wages differ greatly.

Why should you choose the Host Pay Calculator?

The Host Pay Calculator:

  • Presents options for determining housing and good and services costs

  • Highlights cost of living and tax differences between locations at a point in time

  • Generates a report within minutes

How can you access the Host Pay Calculator?

The Host Pay Calculator is available online on a transactional basis.

What does the Host Pay Calculator look like?

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Input Employee

The Inputs tab provides a wide selection of parameters to define your move.

Input Employee


The Results tab provides a breakdown of the employee’s income at home as well as the amount of income they would need in the host location to protect their purchasing power based on the inputs you use for housing and goods and services. You can change the exchange rate, the goods and services methodology, and housing methodology used for the calculation from the Results tab as well.