Hardship Evaluations

Hardship Evaluations

Hardship Evaluations

Recruit, retain, and mobilize talent

with hardship evaluations you can trust.

Hardship Evaluations for over 2,500 locations world wide

Understanding the challenges of living abroad allows you to effectively recruit and retain talent. Competitively aligning your location premiums is crucial to maintaining a global workforce. When delivering hardship allowances, many of the world’s leading companies turn to AIRINC for reliable information and support.

Benefits of Partnering with AIRINC for Hardship Information

  • Use globally consistent evaluations; all locations are regularly reviewed using strict, objective criteria for each of the following categories:
    Physical Threat, Discomfort, Inconvenience

  • Be confident in your location allowances by using accurate information backed by our unique on-site research, industry expertise, and trusted published resources

  • Receive thoughtful and timely responses to your questions from a dedicated AIRINC representative.

  • We’re watching so you don’t have to; trust our team of experts who monitor for quality of living changes on a weekly basis and deliver updates semi-annually (or more frequently if needed).

  • Receive premiums specific to your program by using a scale configured to your needs

  • Apply either a differential or host location driven approach to hardship allowances

  • Purchase only the locations you need - no minimum location subscription

  • Commission special hardship surveys


NEW Online Tool for Your Location Allowances - Watch Demo

  • See how all your locations compare with global heat map

  • Drill down into specific regions or countries

  • Review assessments with context for living conditions

  • Download individual assessments or a full overview of all your locations


"AIRINC supported us as our business expanded into new markets such as cities in Africa that were more diverse than our usual locations. They provided detailed responses to questions from our expats regarding their hardship and cost-of-living allowances in some of the most challenging places to live.””

— Director of International Human Resources
Global 100 Professional Services Company

"We were struggling with turnover of international staff in Brazil, Latin America, and China. AIRINC helped us adjust our location allowances to keep our employees happy."

— Global Mobility Manager
Fortune 500 Consumer Goods Company

"We have projects and operations in over 70 countries worldwide and updating our hardship allowances was becoming overwhelming with our prior provider. We receive reports with all of our allowances in one file to streamline the update process for us via AIRINC."

— Director Human Resources
Global 500 Technology Company

"We had a ton of questions from assignees about the pollution in China and wanted help with how other companies were addressing the issue. AIRINC polled their clients to let us know what other companies were doing to account for the pollution."

—Director of Global Mobility
Global 500 Financial Services Company