Custom Benchmark Study

Custom Benchmark Study

Custom and topical benchmarks to address specific questions

Custom Benchmark Study

Competitive programs attract and retain top talent. When you are suitably positioned within your industry, your company and your employees benefit from successful assignments. It’s not about offering the norm; it’s about tailoring what you offer to complement your organizational needs within a competitive context.

Through a focused benchmark study, we can help you determine your current market standing. And, if it’s not where you hoped it would be, we can help redesign your program to be better aligned with your desired market position and organizational needs.

AIRINC’s Custom Benchmark Surveys are designed to your specifications. They get to the point of what matters most to you, enabling informed decisions for the future of your mobility program. Our consultants take the time to understand your objectives and design a unique survey.

Trust our skilled team of consultants, survey designers, and analysts to work for you. In return, we’ll prepare a personalized, confidential report consisting of easy-to-understand language and graphs that highlight your position within your selected peer group. Once the report is completed, we’ll be on hand to walk you through the results and answer any follow-up questions.

A Custom Benchmark Study

  • Captures industry-specific trends that are relevant to you
  • Allows you to define the group of survey participants and questions
  • Tells you how your mobility program stacks up to your peers

Custom Benchmark Studies Can Measure

  • Net assignee compensation
  • Policy and practice
  • Mobility program approaches

The Service Includes

  • Consultation to determine the scope of the study and your desired outcome
  • Custom question and survey design to achieve targeted results
  • A personalized and confidential summary of your company's competitive position
  • A follow up call to guide you through the survey results

The Changing Mobility Landscape: A New Outlook

The Changing  Mobility Landscape

Morgan Crosby, Global Director of Advisory Services, discusses how mobility is changing to enable organizations to do business globally and how AIRINC has helped companies tailor their mobility offerings through our new consultative approach, "FIT."

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