Building the Business Case for Change

Building the Business Case for Change

Business case development and presentations for senior leadership

Business case development

Whether you’re looking to change course or you simply want to fine-tune your mobility program, securing buy-in from key stakeholders is a critical step in obtaining a mandate for change. Initiatives will be most compelling when you can defensibly demonstrate the advantages of adopting them against the risks of maintaining the status quo.

AIRINC can help you design and present targeted messaging that facilitates a discussion with key stakeholders, builds consensus, and drives program evolution. Early discussions with relevant stakeholders allow you to gather valuable input and ensure smooth implementation. We will support your case with expert analysis underscoring the desirable impact of proposed changes on your organization and its mobility program. Tailoring the process to your company’s culture, AIRINC will design a strategic communication plan that meets your objectives. By letter, webinar, brochure, or summit, our Advisory Team is prepared to help you convey new practice in a way that secures the buy-in you need to move forward.

Effectively Communicating Change

  • Fosters confidence amongst leadership
  • Helps secure a mandate for change
  • Facilitates and expedites the implementation of change
  • Ensures the audience receives the right message

Building the Business Case Includes

  • An assessment of your company’s unique context and goals
  • Messaging that is consistent with company style and tone
  • Individualized and/or group communications
  • Presentations to business leadership and stakeholders

The Changing Mobility Landscape: A New Outlook

The Changing  Mobility Landscape

Morgan Crosby, Global Director of Advisory Services, discusses how mobility is changing to enable organizations to do business globally and how AIRINC has helped companies tailor their mobility offerings through our new consultative approach, "FIT."

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