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How Can the Salary Evaluation Tool Help You?

AIRINC’s Salary Evaluation Tool assesses the economic impact of a permanent relocation on an employee, providing a net-to-net comparison of the offered compensation in the host location to the current compensation. The tool offers further insight by highlighting local cost differences between the two locations.

The Salary Evaluation Tool is best used when:

  • The offered host salary is known
  • The employee will assimilate to local market compensation and cost of living
  • You require a net-to-net comparison of a host offer to the current home compensation

Why should you choose the Salary Evaluation Tool?

The Salary Evaluation Tool:

  • Allows you to evaluate existing and proposed compensation packages, including both salary and variable pay
  • Provides flexible tax calculations for both home and host locations to define the employees’ situation
  • Generates a report within minutes

Salary Evaluation Tool

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