Host Pay Calculator

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Evaluate the Impact of Localizing an Employee

How can the Host Pay Calculator help you?

AIRINC’s Host Pay Calculator helps companies with one-way relocations to evaluate and protect the transferees’ purchasing power in the host location.

The Host Pay Calculator is best used when:

  • The offered host salary is unknown
  • The goal is to protect the employee’s home purchasing power
  • You require the recommended host pay

The Host Pay Calculator delivers information critical to compensating a foreigner in an unfamiliar place. The information can be used to facilitate a move by removing the potential barriers to a transfer such as locations where costs and wages differ greatly.

Why should you choose the Host Pay Calculator?

The Host Pay Calculator:

  • Presents options for determining housing and good and services costs
  • Highlights cost of living and tax differences between locations at a point in time
  • Generates a report within minutes

What does the Host Pay Calculator look like?

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