Balance Sheet Manager

How Can AIRINC’s Balance Sheet Manager
Help You?

AIRINC’s Balance Sheet Manager allows clients to create, store, and maintain individual compensation worksheets for assignees, all in one easy-to-use tool specifically designed to support companies in their efforts to manage their assignee balance sheets more efficiently and accurately.

The Balance Sheet Manager addresses the compensation requirements for a typical one- to five-year expatriate assignment. The assignee continues to participate in home country compensation and benefits programs, but is provided with differentials to compensate for cost of living differences between the home and host locations.

Why should you choose the Balance Sheet Manager?

The Balance Sheet Manager:

  • Delivers the core components of the balance sheet, including hypothetical income tax, goods and services, housing, and automobile cost data
  • Offers flexibility by allowing you to choose among multiple levels of goods and service and housing subsidies in all host locations
  • Revises assignee worksheets semi-annually to reflect new survey data collected on-site by AIRINC staff;
  • Monitors exchange rate fluctuations and updates assignee worksheets when exchange rates change by 5% or more;
  • Stores assignee-specific worksheets for future retrieval and editing
  • Offers enhanced support materials, such as a Hardship report, and a Housing Rent-by-area Grid
  • Supports transfers for thousands of home to host location combinations

What does the Balance Sheet Manager look like?

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