Transportation Reports

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Assignment Transportation and Global Mobility Best Practices:

Transportation systems vary widely across locations. Do you know what to provide for your international assignees?

  • Will they need a car? How much will it cost?
  • Should you provide a driver?
  • Is public transportation available? Do other expats use it?

Our unmatched on-the-ground expertise is now available to you in the form of a Transportation Report. We combine the observations of our surveyors with car purchase and operating expense data to provide a reliable, up-to-date overview of common transportation practices and costs in a given location so you can make well-informed transportation policy decisions.  Our research and reports include data for both gas/petrol-powered cars and electric vehicles.

Each Transportation Report Includes:

A Mode of Transportation Report summarizing the transportation options in a location, from the usability of public transportation to commentary on driving conditions.

An Auto Capital Cost Report providing a representative range of car prices across compact, moderate, premium, SUV, and luxury vehicles, for both gas/petrol-powered cars and electric vehicles. (Also available as a standalone report.)

A Vehicle Cost Analysis Report (VCAR) using reasonable assumptions regarding financing, down payments, and distance driven to provide average operating costs per year and per kilometer for an average car. Models estimate the electricity costs required to operate electric vehicles.

View a Sample Transportation Report now by clicking here.

Going somewhere to work, live, or simply visit? Do you know how best to get around town?

Based on our survey data and on-site experience, AIRINC has developed a calculator for 30 world cities to help you assess what the most cost-effective option is for you, based on your family size, duration of stay, commuting distance, and typical practice. Our goal is to leverage our data to help you make the best decision for yourself or your business. Click here to take it for a test drive!

Image above is a screenshot from AIRINC’s Transportation Calculator

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